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Similar issues for me today.

When I put the bike into an empty dock this morning I heard a grinding noise and saw the orange light then a red light, however the bike was firmly locked into place.

As I was a little concerned about the appearance of the red light I went to the docking points terminal to try to print out a journey record however the journey wasn’t visible on the screen, therefore I went back to the bike and inserted the key into the dock, duly got a green light and was able to release the bike. I therefore proceeded to try to re-dock the bike into a different free docking point at the terminal with the same result, a grinding noise followed by an orange light then a red light, however the bike was firmly locked into place so assuming there was a glitch in the system I thought nothing more of it and went to work.

However, on trying to hire a bike on my lunch break I found that I was being given long flashing orange lights followed by red lights on every bike I tried over three different docking stations. I therefore phoned the helpline and was told that my morning’s journey still appeared on he system to be active. The representative told me that she could either send someone to the docking station to look into it or she could give me the bike number and I could go back to it and try to re-release it and re-dock it elsewhere to conclude the journey. She also informed me that this was something of a common complaint.

After a bit of a moan on my part I opted for this option and found the bike which was still there and was able to release it with the key and used the bike for a journey where it docked fine as normal.

It looks like either a problem with the docking station or the dock mechanism on the bike. I expect to be charged about £35 for this (luckily I decided to use a bike at lunchtime or it would have been £50) which I am sure I’m going to have to fight to get back! Its especially annoying as I have been using the scheme nearly every day since day one and have never incurred as much as a £1 charge before.