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I must have upset TFL – my problems have continued today! Upper Grosvenor Street to Broadwick St (Full – unable to extend), Wardour Street (Full – unable to extend)to Frith St one space, dock and given green light. No recepit as credit card reader not working message? New member just registered key cannot release a bike – say it might be because station is temporarily offline! Sadly he leaves a little miffed. 15 minutes later attempt to hire bike – amber then no lights at all – lift saddle and bike releases – assume green light not working.

Ride to William 1V St dock and obtain green light – still unable to get recepit for 2 journeys.

Try to hire at Southampton Street 20 minutes later – all red lights.

Call Help Desk to be told have open journey still and who also accept there are currently many problems – go back to William 1V St and luckily find same bike I docked earlier – get the green light and continue journey to Waterloo where I can now get a receipt but only for this journey, but it is correct. Time alone will tell if I have been overcharged on the second journey.

At William 1V St on second visit 3 Serco staff were there. 2 maintenance guys cleaning docks etc and the 3rd an electrician. He said Serco were concerned but its a new system and has teething problems – LOL. He did say that although Serco were awarded the contract blame lies with another company appointed to carry out the software implementation/updates etc and communication – no name proffered!

Not sure if anyone is accountable at present.