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No doubt they’ll blame the Olympics but this has been going on a lot longer than the Olympics. The West End is still languishing for bikes at around 6.30pm. The not collecting red-lighted bikes until there’s about 5-6 of them in a dock is blocking access to the scheme (access for bikes arriving, and availability of bikes for those leaving).

Re the reporting – yes I’d like to see something in place. A text number for reporting a fault (ideally) or an email address where you can log a complaint, in either case sending you a reference number logging that job and confirming receipt of your report.

I’d also like more public information on how the bikes are handled and what procedure they go through to be fixed once they have been red lighted. The earlier bikes were a joy to behold and ride, but the older stock is beginning to grate (literally)

There are still far too many faulty bikes languishing within the system