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Afraid to say I’ve not had much luck as a casual user this week, my first time using the bikes.

I was able to rent a couple- however, my first use, after returning the bike, and getting the green light- well, I tried to get more out but got ‘error processing your request’ message at every terminal. When this was still happening the next day I called the number and they said that the bike I’d had for ten minutes was showing a rental of 12 hours- £50 fee on my first bike, but they are refunding this.

Tonight I tried to pick one up near the Albert Hall after a prom. Not surprised that there weren’t many about but eventually found a bay with two bikes in but when I’d printed my ticket realised they both had red lights on so couldn’t take either. Guess you gotta learn the hard way. I then tried the same ticket at a nearby bay with more bikes and no red lights but no joy. Then tried my card, after a long wait got the error message. Found another bay ten minutes later where I had the same result and then a fourth last ditch attempt elsewhere. After a good 20 minutes of pissing about I sacked it off and went for the night bus.

I love the idea of it and did have one or two lovely hassle free rides, apart from the stubbornness of undocking the bike on occasion. But it quickly became apparent that as a casual user at least they’re unreliable and can take more time than other modes of transport, surely defeating the purpose of them.

I won’t be registering full time as I’m not based in London but I would love to use a fully working and reliable time saving system next time…