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It is appalling of late. I have only been using the scheme for about a month, and the first three weeks were great. But I had four days last week when I couldn’t access the bikes using a card and ended up paying an extra £20 in total to get home by alternate means. I tried calling customer services, but all the lady I spoke to said was that she could only put in a request to give me a refund for the week, and that someone would call me back. Of course, no one did. So basically I paid £5 (not a huge amount, but it’s the principle) for a service I couldn’t use. Then the key I ordered at the beginning of the week finally arrived over the weekend, and didn’t work this morning. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe I didn’t activate the key properly and the software issues are all a fluke, but I am not holding out hope.