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When the Boris Bikes were first introduced, I did find buses would frequently overtake me just before bus stops. It was very frustrating and dangerous. However this seemed to stop all of a sudden after a few weeks. I heard somewhere that all drivers were made to watch a cycle safety video and that they were instructed to slow down behind cyclists when approaching a stop instead of overtaking them.

Having said that, a few weeks ago, for the first time in probably a year I had and aggressive bus driver overtake when approaching a stop. It was on Princess St in the City (very narrow street next to the Bank of England). He hadn’t even completed overtaking me when he pulled into the bus stop forcing me off the road onto the footpath! I almost fell off and was rather shaken. Seeing as the bus was now stopped and the front door open and rode up along the footpath to speak to the driver. Before I got to say anything he started yelling and screaming at me before closing the door in my face and driving off! Had he simply said sorry then I probably would have left it at that, but given the rude attitude on top of trying to run me over, I took out my iPhone and took a photo of his license plate.

I reported the incident via the TfL website and a few weeks later received a written apology from the bus company. They said they had reviewed CCTV and had spoken to the driver but could not disclose the outcome due to privacy. They did however offer an apology. So that was nice.

Considering all the boris bike journeys I have made over the last a year and half, to only to have one close call is pretty good going I reckon.

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