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Replying to the “request for historical data” thread led me to Adrian’s blog and to his post that is linked from the top of this thread. I had a look at the comments and was very interested to see an official response from the GLA was added on Adrian’s blog post last Monday.

Considering the assertions made in the original blog and the fact that people will have read them and not the (albeit late) official reply, I’ve pasted it below:

Emer Coleman says:

9 May 2011 at 12:46 pm


Apologies for time it took to get clarification. I would be grateful if you could set the record straight and I will answer your assertions one by one.

The application has been developed by Barclays and not by TfL. TfLs Digital Strategy is explicit that it does not see its role as producing apps and that this is the domain of the market.

Barclays and Tfl are not working together on this.

Tfl were aware that Barclays were developing their own application however they are doing this on the same basis as everyone else and TfL have asked them not to describe the application as an “official app”.

You are incorrect also to suggest that Barclays have some sort of privileged access. Barclays are obtaining the data on the same basis as everyone else i.e. scraping from the TfL website.

Tfl are aware that the lack of a live feed is a matter of concern to all developers. This is the subject of ongoing discussions between TfL and their partners in the cycle hire scheme Serco. They hope to make the real time data available soon.

TfL will not be marketing the Barclays app through TfL, on the main cycle hire site or anywhere else in TfL’s marketing.

Again apologies for the delay in responding but just wanted to make sure everything totally clear and accurate before posting. Would appreciate if you could clarify to your readers.

Speak soon