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I just got round to running the figures:-

12 months to 30 July 2010 – Oyster Spend £481 (about 6 months of that I was walking Euston to Liverpool St in the mornings to save money).

12 months 30 July 2010 to 30 July 2011 – TFL Spend £90.00, £48.00 access (inc £3 key fee) 2 x Oyster top-up at £20 and 2 x £1 for going over 30 min.

VERY satisfied – even if had occasional problems finding a serviceable bike or vacant docking station.

AND – it’s generally quicker than the bus and much more pleasant than the bus or tube.

Forgot to add the £25 for a helmet and £15 for waterproof trousers – but hopefully they will last for a while.