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Replying to @Bimbles‘s post:

I didn’t see any direct contradictions, maybe I missed them. The key criticism of BCH was this:

“The crux of the problem seems to have been the members’ keys, the call centre and yet again finding a docking station.”

And that is backed up almost word for word in the latest report:

“TfL has identified areas for improvement, such as a continued focus on bike redistribution and improvements to the contact centre which would improve the overall customer experience.”

It’s far more important to report on a survey that TfL was trying to bury (and did so successfully for months) rather to reproduce than a praise-filled press release.

Also, if you look at that press release, note how there are no stats on the number of people who were unhappy with bike distribution and with the contact centre. That’s just brushed over in a single line buried halfway down.

If you think facts like this (1 in 5 members have bought cycling equipment) are newsworthy, then it’s probably best you stick to TfL’s puff press releases, rather than decent journalism.