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I am a “pioneer” member of the scheme. My annual access is expired a few days ago. They charge me 6 x 45 £ /270£/. My Bank called me and told me this, and I have been told, I can`t do anything, because a money already taken away from my account. So I called the call center, /spent 5£ for a calling/ and they said they have a system error, and they will refund this money to me. I sent a complain e-mail to them.

OK. Next day I wanted to use a bike again, and I got red light. So I called the call center again, and they said they already gave me a refund and a money in my bank account. I was able to use the bikes, so I tought everything alright.

Next day I checked my bank account and I noticed, they charged me again 45£. So is altogether 7 x 45 £ /315 £/ was taken away from my bank account.

I sent another complain via e-mail.

I dont know what to say.... I dont know what to do.

By the way sorry for my English, I know is not impeccable.