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I have often thought of posting a negative post on here about Addison Lee as they are easily identified as having some of the worst drivers I have experienced in London – as such I refuse to use them for business or personal use.

I have had 2 dodgy incidents with black cabs since I started cycling in London several years ago, however with Addison Lee I now use it as a heuristic that I should never have one less than a couple of meters behind me or a meter to my side, and all new cyclists that I advise I tell them to avoid going anywhere an Addison Lee vehicle: it is sensible to give them an especially wide berth.

I firmly now believe that if one is in a profession where driving plays a critical part then they should adhere to a rule where after 6 points on their license, they are out the job. Secondly, I encourage everyone who has a near miss or accident as a result of their (or anybodies) dodgy driving to report it to the police and ensure it is noted.

It is dangerous enough having these Addison Lee racers on the road, let alone on the cycle lanes. Keep them out!