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I was wondering the other day how the scheme compares in terms of cost compared to other methods of public transport on a cost per head basis (including subsidisation from the govenment – not just the cost to the end user)

According to TFL cost per passenger km is

Bus 23p

Tube 28p

DLR 25p

Tram 22p

Overground 23p

avg 26p

National rail not included.

from :

(pdf page 127, footer page number 119)

Any one know the actual number of miles travelled in the first year in order to do a back of an envelope calucation based on the £10-12 million yearly running costs mentioned above?

the 6 month figure was 10 million km, so £10 million/20 million km = 50p + health benefits, reduction in pollution, etc – I wonder if the TFL figure of a 3 to 1 return on cycling investment holds true for the scheme?